Thursday, March 31, 2011

DC Texting

Lily is on vacation with my mother and her husband.  They create a very different world around them than what Lily is used to.  She is used to "Life is Good," and she is immersed in...the opposite.  In between nights full of snoring.  Periodically she touches base with me via text.

Although texting is currently my preferred mode of communication, I held back all day, to give her some space; on day two, Lily sent me only three reports about my mom, including "Your mom doesn't like you."  And: "She's very racist." (Personally I think she's only a little bit racist, but she's probably the most racist person Lily knows.)

Finally, "She won't let me get earplugs, because she's afraid they might get stuck in my ears."

To the first two texts, I replied: "I realize."

After the third, evidence that my mom was actively searching for something to fear, knowing also that she won't let Lily out of her sight due to potential kidnappers, feeling like it was time to step in and offer some advice, my thumbs reacted:

"So you just have to take charge.  Just say, 'Bobbie, I've lived in the city all my life.  I can find my way from the C Terminal to baggage claim before my mom can even figure out how to meet me at the gate. My friends are having SEX! So please back off because I'm all grown up.  And if you want to live in a world where bad things happen, you can.  But in my world everything is great, because I believe everything is great.  And that's why I'm so happy.'"

My mom has always said I'm too blunt. Maybe Lily thinks so too.

She texted back:

"Haha no, it's ok."