Thursday, March 4, 2021

Conscious Mothering: Be Your Own Angel

     How can we teach our daughters to be conscious? By being conscious ourselves. It takes only a change in perspective, not any extra time, to begin to alter your consciousness. That shift in perspective is easier when you have some guidance and support from other mothers. MoonBeams mother-daughter circles are a place where mothers and daughters can share an extraordinary space, slow down life a little bit, and go back to being more conscious in everyday moments. We can savor the everyday moments more when we are fully conscious, rather than replying to our daughters in a reactive, habitual way. What if, during your frustrating moments with your daughter, an angel waved a little flag that said, “Remember, she’s practicing being Powerful this month”? You would smile an inner smile and allow her the space to express her Power (which is very different from letting her run the house). 

    That “angel” waving the flag, by the way, is your own awareness. MoonBeams helps us tune into that awareness.

    Early sexualization is just another symptom of our cultural shadow. I recommend dance as a way for your growing girl to move her body sexually, without needing a partner. (There is no benefit to repressing sexual energy. There is huge benefit to not needing to prematurely share it with a partner.) Girls can learn to celebrate their own sensuality without having to do it with or FOR someone. She can learn to move her body not for someone else, but for her own personal enjoyment. Try it yourself. 

    Rather than looking in the mirror, just feel the movement, the rhythm; it’s not about whether you look cool, it’s about whether you are accessing your own deep rhythms. If you don’t know what I mean, this exercise is definitely for you! Being in touch with one’s sexuality is a positive thing; however, girls sharing it before they are emotionally mature and fully aware of what they are actually sharing rarely ends up feeling positive. For girls who are not dancers, run, ride a horse, write a poem, paint a picture, create a masterpiece in any way that inspires you—sexual energy is just creative energy, best channeled into a creative project rather than directed toward partners who probably aren’t ready to exchange sexual energy either. The safety of a mother-daughter circle is the perfect place to explore new ways of being. Fully owning one’s physicality and sexuality creates truly empowered girls. Let’s show them how it’s done. 

    MoonBeams mother-daughter circles begin every September, but we start creating groups a few months before. Please reach out if you and your 9- or 10-year-old daughter would like to join or create a group.

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